Into the heart.

Your brand must aim.

Greatly loved.

It will become.


It cannot be.

One hundred percent of the time.

Each and every Touchpoint. From the smallest banner to the largest retail store.

But let's not kid ourselves, it sounds easier than it is.

That's why our team of scientists crawls into the minds of your target audience with your brand identity. Dives into their hearts. Analyzes their emotions. And makes a diagnosis. diagnosis about what your target audience is missing. And what actually affects your Touchpoints. We call the result of this diagnosis Touchpoint-Score.

The Touchpoint-Score identifies the true value of your brand communication. It is calculated based on all of your touchpints. And allows the results of all of your advertisements and marketing activities to be measured. That is how science works - it creates more knowledge.

This is the first step.

Now our industry partnerscome into play.
And they have the necessary skills to measurably increase your Touchpoint-Score.

By twenty percent
in one year.

For you this means better efficiency, better profits and a better future. But beware: You will not have to increase your budget.

Touchpoint-Score today


Potential Touchpoint-Score in one year


Marketing budget today


Marketing budget for optimization


The next step is
to pick up the phone.

And call Peter Kramer. He is the mastermind behind all the capable minds. He pulls the strings of the global BC-O network. He coordinates, links, manages and organizes. And he brings together the precise expertise and the manpower which in the end will catapult you to where you belong.

Into the heart.

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